Training and Information Service

GBRC contributes to the advancement of building technology through wide range of activities including technical training services for engineers, international cooperation and information services.

Training Service

Concrete Work Training

The Concrete Work Training committee offers the training course for construction inspectors, builders, and construction workers engaged in concrete work.

Concrete Hi-Tec Lecture Series

The Concrete High-Technology Promoting Committee offers advanced technology such as high performance concrete, deterioration prevention to concrete engineers.

Skill-up training for concrete worker

We conduct a training course for concrete worker to upgrade the skill of testing and inspection for the quality control of concrete work.

Advisory activity

Special committee, which consists of specialists and authorities, consults the development of new construction technologies.

Research and Joint Research

Technical staffs, and sometimes together with outer researchers, conduct research to develop new structural component and material of building as well as improved testing method. Many results have been published in the journal “GBRC” and reported in special society or institute.

International Cooperation

The Foundation has a special technical training course for foreign engineers in cooperation with the office of JICA. The training course is planned by our staffs to upgrade testing skill of construction engineer in many countries.


In order to promote various projects and services of the Foundation, information committee conducts information activities including;

  • Planning of briefing seminars of various series for clients,
  • Publication of the journal “GBRC” that contains researching report, new technology on construction, and report of performance evaluation,
  • Homepage (http://www.gbrc.or.jp) introducing our projects & services and guidance of applications.

Training seminar
Training seminar

Certificate and license card of skillful concrete worker
Certificate and license card of skillful
concrete worker

Skill-up training for concrete worker
Skill-up training for concrete worker

Journal “GBRC”
Journal “GBRC”


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