Testing and Research

Materials Tests & Investigation

GBRC's materials laboratory conducts investigations and tests of the physical and chemical properties of various building materials as well as field surveys to determine the durability of existing buildings.
We then analyze the results, study the causes, and subsequently predict potential future problems and their solutions.
We are also pushing ahead with the development of new testing and analysis methods.

Major testing and research activities

■Concrete Tests
Tests of admixtures and other concrete materials are performed. One of the topics in these tests is the development of the method for measuring water content in freshly mixed concrete by the use of radio isotope.
■Chemical Analysis Tests
Tests and analysis of alkali-aggregate reaction, sulfate attack and chloride ion concentration.
■Tests on Finishing Materials
Tests of the durability and other chemical/mechanical properties of finishing materials based on JIS
■Field Investigations of Existing Buildings
Investigations and diagnoses of existing buildings focusing on durability-related damage and its causes to allow development of repair or rehabilitation methods.




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