Research & Testing center

Research & Testing Center carries out multi-field research and testing concerning building engineering. We secure high-level reliability on the testing to satisfy the needs of customers.

Certificate of Accreditation (JNLA)


This Logo mark is based on the Japan Industrial Standardization Law, and "Z90119JP" is the accreditation number of our Research & Testing Center in Head Office.
IAJapan, which operates JNLA, is a signatory to mutual recognition arrangements (MRA) of APLAC and ILAC.

Research & Testing Center, which is accredited as a testing laboratory based on testing laboratory accreditation system (JNLA) under the Japan Industrial Standardization Law from the Accreditation body (IAJapan), substantially keeps test quality management system conforming to ISO/IEC 17025 (JIS Q 17025); "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories".

Research & Testing Center
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Calibration Division
Structural Engineering Department
Structure Lab
Structural Field Investigation Division
Soil & Foundation Lab
Environmental Engineering Department
Heat & Acoustics Lab
Fire Engineering Lab
Wind Engineering Lab
Materials Department
Materials Lab
Construction Materials Lab, Central
Branches of Research & Testing Center
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